Joomla!® is all about Open Source and Community - we want to build a real local community.

Troy Anderson

About the Group

  Welcome to Bellevue Joomers - the Joomla! User Group Bellevue


We are creating the most open type of community we can - with social meetups, presentations, work-parties, and more!

We need you to participate, see our Get Involved page to signup to participate.

Our leaders will be highly available to answer any Joomla! related question! 


Our Goal:

To be the number one resource in the region for Joomla!

We want to have major industry presenters, cutting edge technology explained, a strong community with a great vibe.


There are other great groups out there doing a good job of building a community, groups like for the San Diego Ruby community, with large memberships, active members, and even putting good content online to give back to the community.

If we can be strong enough that we become a learning resource on the web - we are truly giving back to the Joomla community.


Last Updated on Mar122011


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