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  Welcome to Bellevue Joomers - the Joomla! User Group Bellevue

We are creating the most open type of community we can - with social meetups, presentations, work-parties, and more!
We need you to participate, see our Get Involved page to signup to participate.
Our leaders will be highly available to answer any Joomla! related question! 
Some of the goals/ideas/concepts: (work in progress)
Be a simple place to find resources/developers/consultants/helpers
Create compelling content that can give back to the community – put talks online about new and interesting ideas in the Joomla! Space
Be very open, easy to register, easy to get visibility, easy to find a member list and see who is active, etc (should only take a couple minutes to find a helper/consultant)
Create a leadership team that are all site/list admins so if one person loses steam the project still has momentum
I’m envisioning this for our website:
SIMPLE to find resources stating what the group is, where they meet, who organizes it
Online member directory that members can maintain, with lists of competencies/specialties/etc (public facing)
Maybe a forum, if we get talkative enough – for now we’ll wait and see if it would pick up users.. the shoutbox looks under-utilized, wouldn’t want an empty forum up there
A podcast in the itunes directory with video/screencasts of presentations, hosted on the site
MAYBE – a market place where people can request help they are willing to pay for – it would be interesting if we could facilitate more usage of Joomla, and more paying customers finding the group online – 
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