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 Our presentations will be at our Monthly Meeting.  We will generally have 2 presentations per meeting.  We will cover a wide variety of subjects - as you can see from this short list of presentations in the making.

Always FREE and open to the public!

 We present on the current state of distributions in the CMS world, and what the Joomla 'elders' are doing to introduce the distribution concept to the community.


We'll focus on Molajo, what it is, who made it, what it will be used for, how it will change the Joomla landscape.

We'll discuss creating a couple distributions from The Joomers.  Maybe a JUG Distro, and a Small Business Distro.

 We will have *someone* demo the new CloudFormation tool that Amazon launched.  We'll show how easily you can host a truly scalable Joomla website using the Amazon RDS database cluster, the Amazon elastic IP's, and Load Balancer.

For everyone from beginners to experts - think of this as 'how to install Joomla' - with a twist.

 Learn how Joomla templates work, what is in a good template, how to create a template from scratch, and how to modify/hack an existing template.

We'll spend the most time working with existing templates, because you get the best

 There is usually a right tool for the job, and there is also a tool that is right for most of the jobs. 

We'll go into depth on Tienda by Dioscouri, an up-and-coming shopping cart platform that looks like it will take the Joomla! world by storm.

 We'll talk Virtuemart, redShop, Tienda, Ecwid, Paypal buttons, and everything in between.

This will be a high level to get you excited to go in-depth on all these offerings.

 Troy Anderson will explain what add-ons he installs on most every install, and cover a few special use that seem to show up on many of his websites.

Just using the core components your site is really being held back from its potential.

 We will go over the detailed description of the Core ACL that is built in to Joomla 1.5, we'll discuss ACL Components available in the market place, and dig in to the new Joomla 1.6 ACL features.

 This will be a series of talks for sure - covering some of these as individual talks:

  • A great Landing Page
  • Do Meta tags matter?
  • SEF URL - what to do and when

 Security is a journey, and we will cover what some of the experts in the field have to say about "Securing your Joomla! Site"

Sources: Walter Cedric, Brian Teeman, others


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