Joomla!® is all about Open Source and Community - we want to build a real local community.

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 Here are a collection of resources/articles/links/etc to get a new user pointed in the right direction.  Feel free to Get Involved with our group, and be sure to check out our Meetup page to see more of the activity.


If you don't know what a Joomla! User Group (JUG) does - read our About the Group page to see what we are here for.

 The Mother-Ship -

Joomla! Extensions Directory -

Free Templates - 


Template Clubs:

Joomla Bamboo -

Rocket Theme -

Yoo Theme -

Joomla Shack -

Gavick -

(stay away from a lot of the 'free joomla template' sites - they can hard code spam links in them, you can get free templates safely at the big clubs)


Joomla Hosting:

Rochen Performance Hosting -

Really Clicking - Local Hosting -



Brian Teeman, Hidden Joomla! Secrets -  (one of the founders of Joomla!)



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